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213071 Ful-Glo Fluorescein Strips 300/bx call or login    
213101 BioGlo Fluorescein Strips 100/bx call or login    
213102 BioGlo Fluorescein Strips 300/bx call or login    
213103 Lissamine Green Strips100/bx call or login    
213105 TearFlo Tear Test Strips 100/bx call or login    
213201 Fluorescein Glostrips® 1.0mg 100/Box call or login    
213202 Fluorescein Glostrips® - 0.6mg 300/bx call or login    
213203 Tear Flow Test Strips 100/Box call or login    
213204 Rose Bengal Glostrips® - 1.3mg 100/box call or login    
213803 pH Indicator Strips 7-14 Long Range 100/Pk call or login    
303122 Steri-Strips Skin Closure 1/2 x 4 (reinforced) 3M R1547 6/pk 50/bx call or login    
321001 Propper Steam Indicator Strips 250/bx call or login    
321010 EM Quant Carbonate Hardness Test Strips 70-425 ppm, 10648 call or login    
321012 Propper Strate-Line Sterilization Steam Strips 250/Box call or login    
321205 Cidex Test Strips 60/btl - NONRETURNABLE call or login    
321216 Rapicide® OPA/28 High-Level Disinfectant Test Strips 50/Bottle call or login    

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