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Monthly Specials

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PicItem #ProductPrice    Qty      BuyAdd to QC
pic601020Projector Bulb 6v 20w HLX 64250
pic601026Bulb Haag-Streit Slit Lamp
pic601033Bulb WA Transilluminator 03100
pic601014Projector Bulb CAX130 GE
pic601040Bulb Projector CAX 130 Eiko
pic601002Bulb Illumination 12v 50w HLX 64610
pic601015Halogen Replacement for CAX Projector Bulb
pic601035Projector Bulb for use with Maxibulb Transformer
pic601021Bulb for B&L Projector 71-71-37
pic601005Projector Bulb Topcon OP2202
pic601007Bulb AO Indirect Ophthalmoscope 6.5v 18w
pic601008Bulb for Welch-Allyn Ophthalmoscope 03000
pic601009Bulb for Welch-Allyn Ophthalmoscope 04900
pic601003Bulb for B&L Keratometer 120v15w
pic601004Bulb Lensometer 130v 15w
pic601027Bulb S/L Zeiss 6V 25W 39-01-53
pic601031Bulb Slit Lamp 12v 30w #64260
pic601062Bulb 6v 20w Halogen HLX 64251
pic601084Bulb Heine Indirect 6v 10w X0488068
pic601028Bulb S/L Thorpe 717150
pic601029Bulb Topcon Slit Lamp 20700
pic601030Bulb Topcon S/L 25500
pic601013Haag Streit Perimeter Bulb 6v 4.5A 510-250
pic601037Bulb Copeland/Optec Retinoscope 3.5v Halogen
pic601024Bulb Heine Retin X0188058
pic601080Bulb Heine 3.5v Streak Retinoscope X0288048
pic601078Bulb Heine 3.5v X-02.88.044
pic601038Bulb WA Retinosc 03700
pic601025Bulb WA Retinoscope 08200
pic601055Bulb Lensometer B&L Model 70
pic601006Bulb Marco Lensometer 4007
pic220204Epinephrine 2-Pack 0.3mg Auto-Injector
pic217100Balanced Salt Solution 15ml Sterile
pic301107Alcohol Prep Pads Sterile, Covidien 6818 200/box
pic411001Mydriatic Specs Over Ear Gray 50/Box
pic393015Barraquer Solid Blade Lid Speculum, Adult, 14mm
pic691015Battery Welch-Allyn 3.5v 72200
pic214314Timolol Maleate 0.5% Ophthalmic Solution 15ml
pic413112Chin Rest Paper Universal 1000/Pack
pic306205CTA 6 Sterile 2's 100/bx 76800
pic414911Penlights Disposable with Pupil Gauge 6 pack
pic308501EZ-Kill Disinfecting Wipes 160/tub
pic601001Bulb 6v 30w Zeiss Microscope 39-01-58
pic601011Projector bulb 82v 85w ESJ
pic601016Projector Bulb ELH 120v 300w
pic601077Bulb Heine 2.5v X0188034
pic601079Bulb Heine 3.5v X0288047
pic601081Heine 3.5v XHL X0288070
pic601082Bulb Heine Ophthalmoscope 3.5v X0288072
pic601083Bulb Heine 3.5v X0288078
pic601085Bulb Heine 6v X0488060
pic601087Bulb Zeiss 6v 15w 380018-1740
pic601088Bulb Zeiss Fixation 386107
pic601090Bulb Enlarger 75w 120v PH/140
pic601092Bulb 12V 10W Q10T3/CL
pic601093Zeiss Microscope Bulb 6v 15w 3800-18-1740
pic601094Bulb AO Direct Oph 11.405 2.5v
pic601096Bulb Fixation Topcon Slit Lamp 6V 40350-42110
pic601097Bulb Perkins Tonometer 5801006
pic601099Bulb CAX Halogen Replacement Q50CL-DC-24
pic601101Bulb NikonFJ3 6v30w 843110
pic601102Bulb Mentor Brt Acuity 22-4505
pic601103Bulb Haag Streit Slit Lamp Fixation 5v
pic601104Bulb AIT Speedy Blocker bulb
pic601106Bulb 50 par 20 cap/Flood
pic601110Bulb Lensometer A/O Reichert 11163
pic601114Bulb LensMarker AIT GE 1133
pic601116Bulb Slit Lamp 6v 27w BT3050F
pic601119Bulb Heine Oph 3.5v X0288072 Generic
pic601120Bulb Haag-Streit Slit Lamp 12v 30w BC900
pic601122Bulb Retinoscope Welch Allyn 4500
pic601123Bulb Projector 24v 150w 64642
pic601124Main Halogen Viewing Bulb Kowa RC-XV3
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