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Monthly Specials

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PicItem #ProductPrice    Qty      BuyAdd to QC
pic301108Alcohol Prep Pads Large Covidien 5110 200/box
pic302101Betadine 5% sterile ophthalmic prep solution 30ml
pic213501Zone-Quick 50/bx
pic415112Thermal Paper #612
pic601033Bulb WA Transilluminator 03100
pic415111Thermal Paper #209 2.25in
pic601015Halogen Replacement for CAX Projector Bulb
pic415109Thermal Paper #701
pic601014Projector Bulb CAX130 GE
pic415108Thermal Paper #201
pic601084Bulb Heine Indirect 6v 10w X0488068
pic601020Projector Bulb 6v 20w HLX 64250
pic601004Bulb Lensometer 130v 15w
pic601030Bulb Topcon S/L 25500
pic414911Penlights Disposable with Pupil Gauge 6 pack
pic601003Bulb for B&L Keratometer 120v15w
pic601002Bulb Illumination 12v 50w HLX 64610
pic601001Bulb 6v 30w Zeiss Microscope 39-01-58
pic415102Thermal Paper #026 5/pack
pic601008Bulb for Welch-Allyn Ophthalmoscope 03000
pic415103Thermal Paper #207
pic601007Bulb AO Indirect Ophthalmoscope 6.5v 18w
pic601027Bulb S/L Zeiss 6V 25W 39-01-53
pic601006Bulb Marco Lensometer 4007
pic415101Thermal Paper #D01
pic601029Bulb Topcon Slit Lamp 20700
pic601005Projector Bulb Topcon OP2202
pic415107Thermal Paper #501
pic415105Thermal Paper #214
pic415106Thermal Paper #228
pic601026Bulb Haag-Streit Slit Lamp
pic601040Bulb Projector CAX 130 Eiko
pic601009Bulb for Welch-Allyn Ophthalmoscope 04900
pic403100Contact Lens Cases White 50/bag
pic403201Contact Lens Cases Screw-top
pic320102Algerbrush II w/1mm burr
pic320101Algerbrush II w/.5mm burr
pic206562Ciprofloxacin Ophthalmic Soln 0.3% 5ml
pic601120Bulb Haag-Streit Slit Lamp 12v 30w BC900
pic415110Thermal Paper #202
415113Thermal Paper #110
pic331417Ethicon Suture Chromic Gut 5-0 1792G 12/box
pic393015Barraquer Solid Blade Lid Speculum, Adult, 14mm
pic415116Thermal Paper #203
pic415117Thermal Paper #503
pic313330Pro Advantage Soft Nitrile Exam Gloves Powder-Free X-Small 200/Box
pic313331Pro Advantage Soft Nitrile Exam Gloves Powder-Free Small 200/Box
pic313332Pro Advantage Soft Nitrile Exam Gloves Powder-Free Medium 200/Box
pic313333Pro Advantage Soft Nitrile Exam Gloves Powder-Free Large 200/Box
pic313334Pro Advantage Soft Nitrile Exam Gloves Powder-Free X-Large 200/Box
pic403102Contact Lens Cases Clear 50/bag
pic403104Contact Lens Cases Purple 50/bag
pic403105Contact Lens Cases Blue 50/bag
pic403106Contact Lens Cases Green 50/bag
pic403107Contact Lens Cases Orange 50/bag
pic403103Contact Lens Cases Yellow 50/bag
pic403101Contact Lens Cases Multi-Color 50/bag
pic411301MydWraps(r) Post Mydriatic Specs 100/bag Gray
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