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392301 Elschnig Cyclodialysis Spatula call or login    
392302 Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatula 0.5mm call or login    
392303 Castroviejo Cyclodialysis Spatula 0.25mm call or login    
392304 Dastoor Pupil & Iris Repositor call or login    
392305 McReynold Spatula & Hook call or login    
392306 Knapp Spatula & Hook call or login    
392307 McPherson Iris Spatula, 1mm Wide call or login    
392308 Wheeler Double-Ended Spatula, Lightly Curved call or login    
392309 Girard Synechiae Spatula 0.5mm Wide w/Semi-Sharp Tip call or login    
392310 Obstbaum Synechiae Spatula 0.25mm Wide, Angled Blade call or login    
392311 Jaffe Lens Spatula, Flat, 0.5mm Wide call or login    
392312 Koch Nucleus Spatula, Smooth call or login    
392313 Koch Nucleus Spatula, w/Notches call or login    
392314 Kimura Spatula call or login    
392315 Seibel Intra LASIK Flap Lifter & Retreatment Spatula call or login    
392316 Paton Spatula & Spoon call or login    
392705 Girard Synechiae Spatula, 0.5mm Wide call or login    
392706 Lippman Nucleus Spatula call or login    
392707 Hirschman Notched Lens Spatula call or login    
392768 Guimaraes LASIK Spatula call or login    

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