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323313 Forceps Chalazion Lambert Round 8mm call or login    
323314 Chalazion Forceps Francis 17mm Round call or login    
391065 Lambert Chalazion Forceps Round 9mm Inside Diameter call or login    
391067 Lambert Chalazion Forceps Round 12mm call or login    
391068 Desmarres Chalazion Forceps Medium Oval 26mm call or login    
391069 Desmarres Chalazion Forceps Large Oval 31mm call or login    
391071 Lordan Chalazion Forceps call or login    
391073 Hunt Chalazion Forceps 12mm Round call or login    
391075 Francis Chalazion Forceps, Oval, 14mm x11mm call or login    
391076 Wies Chalazion Forceps Grooved Upper Jaw call or login    
392506 Meyerhoefer Chalazion Curette Sz 00, 1.0mm diameter call or login    
392507 Meyerhoefer Chalazion Curette Sz 0, 1.5mm diameter call or login    
392508 Meyerhoefer Chalazion Curette Sz 1, 1.75mm diameter call or login    
392509 Meyerhoefer Chalazion Curette Size 2, 2.0mm diameter call or login    
392510 Meyerhoefer Chalazion Curette Size 3, 2.5mm diameter call or login    
392511 Meyerhoefer Chalazion Curette Size 4, 3.5mm diameter call or login    

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