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PVA Products

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311001 Merocel Surgical Eye Spear 180/bx call or login    
311002 Weck-Cel Eye Spears 180/bx call or login    
311101 PVA Ultracell™ Lasik Spears 200/box call or login    
311102 PVA Ultraspear™ Lasik Spears 100/box call or login    
311111 PVA Lasik Spears Ultraclean Expanded 100/bx call or login    
311121 PVA Lasik Spears, Ultraclean 100/bx call or login    
311130 Ultracell® Sterile Eye Pledgets call or login    
311301 Corneal Light Shield 8mm 20/bx call or login    
311312 Visitec LASIK Eye Drain (Chayet), 10mm. 20/box call or login    
311411 PVA Wick 20/bx call or login    
311412 Ultracell® Instrument Wipe 20/bx call or login    

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