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Pharmaceuticals arrow Nature's Tears Spray Mist 30ml

Nature's Tears Spray Mist 30ml

Item # 212501
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Product Description:

Nature's Tears EyeMist, applied as a very soft and gentle all-natural super-fine mist due to the delicate nature of the tear film, is a discovery whose unique (patent pending) micron-sized droplets, 6.4 pH, and light mineral content are naturally biocompatible with human eyes and skin. The product relieves eye discomfort by replenishing lost moisture to the delicate aqueous layer of the eye's tear film, where most moisture loss occurs. The product is clinically tested and proven effective for dry, itchy, burning, tired or irritated eyes caused by dry and/or polluted air, contact lenses, computer eye irritation, forced-air heating and cooling, harsh weather conditions, stress, physical exertion, etc. The product is safe, convenient, non-allergenic, preservative-free, propellant-free, will not disturb or "run" eye make-up (it actually enhances cosmetics), and maintains compatibility with all existing eye drop products. Nature's Tears EyeMist can be used as often as desired.
Specifications and More Data:

ManufacturerBio-Logics Aqua Research
Preservative Free

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