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Pharmaceuticals arrow Hydrion MicroFine pH Paper 6.0-9.5 Range 2 rolls/dispenser

Hydrion MicroFine pH Paper 6.0-9.5 Range 2 rolls/dispenser

Item # 213802
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Product Description:

The Hydrion MicroFine pH papers MF-1608 measures the pH of slightly acidic solutions measuring close to neutral pH 7.0 and alkaline solutions up to pH 9.5. The pH paper is accurate to .2 to .3 pH units. The color chart has pH color matches at the following pH levels; [6.0][6.5][7.0][7.5][7.8][8.0][8.3][8.5][8.8][9.0][9.3][9.5].Each dispenser has two 5/32in X 15ft pH rolls and can measure micro amounts of solution. Only 0.0001 ml. is required for an accurate measurement. No technical training is necessary. To use, tear off a strip of pH paper, dip into test solution, and match immediately to color chart. Two 15' rolls.
Specifications and More Data:

ManufacturerMicro Essential Laboratory
Mfg Item (Reorder)1608

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