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AngioPAK/Angiography arrow AngioPAK 10% 23g Safety 5cc Syringe w/o Needle

AngioPAK 10% 23g Safety 5cc Syringe w/o Needle

Item # 1-012325S
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Product Description:


The original AngioPAK™ has everything you need to perform an angiogram in one convenient, easy to store kit.

Each AngioPAK™ can be customized to fit your needs. Just let your account representative know what you want and we will create an AngioPAK™ just for you!

Available in a bag or box.

AngioPAK™ Contents
One of each following items and two of prep pad listed.
AngioPAK box
AK-Fluor 10% (lite) 5ml
Vacutainer Push Button Blood Collection Set 23G x.75 12in Tube without Luer Aadapter BD
Syringes 5cc L/L 100/bx EXEL
Alcohol Prep Pads Sterile, Covidien 6818 200/box
Cloth Bandages 1" x 3" 100/box
SafetyGlide Needles 25g x 5/8 in 50/bx Monoject
Specifications and More Data:

Rx\OTCRx (You must have a state license to purchase this product)
Chemical name:Contains Fluorescein Sodium 10mg/ml
ManufacturerEyeSupply USA

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